3 Lance Casting is an independent standalone company and is in NO way linked or in association with any other company. We offer castings to our registered users, we do not earn a commission or obtain any further fees other than your initial yearly/lifetime membership cost. 3Lance Casting is not an agency and does not have partnerships/agreements with studios, agencies or modelling platforms. Our users are free to apply for any castings we have advertised on www.3lancecasting.co.uk once registered with us.

Q : I have recently signed up. What is my username? 

Your username is the email address you used to sign up. If you have forgot the password please click forgot password and we will email you a link. When applying for jobs you can enter any email address on the form that  you would prefer to receive replies to. 

Q : Unpaid work - should I or shouldn’t I?

Don’t rule out time for pictures (tfp) or collaborations- these will give you valuable pictures to add to your growing portfolio as well as networking experience. They may even get you published which will look good on your cv.

Charity fashion shows- these usually will have press, designers and sometimes scouts invited so are the best way to network and you may even get some cool shots of yourself on the catwalk which makes you look like a more credible and experienced model.

Reality shows - you just have to look at the success of the cast of Towie, Made in Chelsea, Geordie shore and Love Island to see its beneficial to get exposure via a reality show.

Q : I need models- do I have to sign up to post a job?

No. it’s free to post a job just fill in the details of your requirement and send it over , one of our team will share your casting if we feel it’s a good genuine freelance opportunity and then models that apply will be able to contact you directly.

Q : Why are we better than an agency?

Agencies may not send you for many castings and then once you win a job they will take around 20-25% of your earnings. Yes it’s great to be agency signed but there’s also a number of other castings you miss out on by not applying for freelance work too.

By paying a small rolling yearly or lifetime member one off fee to us you then get access to the exciting castings we find in all areas of the industry, If you win those freelance jobs no one takes a cut of your earnings from our organisation. As well as that we also post news of agencies looking for new faces too. No more sifting through search engines and social media for decent opportunities.

Q : How do I sign Up?

At the top of the 3Lance Casting website you will see the Sign Up button. Click this and enter your details as prompted. Then select the membership you require, if you have a code you can enter at this point. Click continue to be directed to our payment gateway, you can pay by using Credit/Debit card, you DO NOT need a PayPal account to join 3Lance Casting!.

Once you have paid you will receive an email to the email address you have registered with-The email you will receive is for verification, this will come from Job Portal INC once you click the link to verify your 3Lance Casting account you will then be able to sign in, using your chosen password, and apply for Unlimited Castings. Please note your username is your email address that you used to register. 

Q : Forget Password?

Click the LOGIN button at the top of the 3Lance Casting website, from the dropdown click the “Forgot My Password” text and enter your user email address. You will receive details on how to change your password. .

Q : Browser

For the best preformance please use Google Chrome as your browser. In any case please ensure that your browser is up to date. It is important not only for the 3Lancecasting website but all websites. IE gets out of date very quickly and is not an ideal browser to use.

Q : Image Sizes?

When applying for a casting on 3Lancecasting, there is no need to use large images. This could cause an error to occur while applying, images only need to be small, ideally under 1MB. If you need to resize any of your images, you can do so FREE by going to www.resizeimage.net


Please ensure that you are only uploading jpg images and under 1MB in size

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